Ignited With Meaning


Welcome to Ignited with Meaning, a podcast exploring what a meaningful life is, and bringing in guests with ideas and experiences about how to live a life with meaning. I’m here to help you get inspired, to get started, to connect you with your meaning, and make sure that you’ve aligned your life with it.

I’m also convinced that the world urgently needs you to live a meaningful life. Simply put, that means that the world needs you to be connected to your greatest gifts and finding a way to give them to at your fullest potential. And the world needs more than just a few people to do that, the world needs millions, if not billions, of people engaged in living meaningfully at their highest capacity. And it needs it Now.

But why? Because at our core I believe everyone wants to leave the world a better place than they found it. But to do that, each of us has to rise to new heights. And when we all do that together, collectively we can make a massive impact.

So let’s get started. Sign up to get an email once a month with my latest podcast, and start listening. Let me know where you’re stuck, what you want to learn, and how we can all live a life ignited with meaning.

Your podcast host,

Geoff Bastian